In 2015 cycling legend sir Bradley Wiggins broke the hour record. The distance he covered on his bike was 54 kilometres and 526 metres. A record made to last for decennia in the cycling record books. But did Wiggins get the maximum out his record attempt? The answer is no. If you look at the science of Wiggins his attempt his conditions were not perfect, a short preparation time, low altitude track, and high air pressure.

What if a good rider would attempt the hour record but then in perfect conditions? Could he break the record of a legend?

That is the question Dutch track rider Dion Beukeboom and his coach Jim van den Berg asked themselves. In October they made the decision to go for a record attempt. They wanted to use technology and innovation to give Dion an advantage compared to Wiggins. They choose the track in Aguascallentes in Mexico, it’s the fastest track for an hour record attempt. For the material they choose to only ride with the fastest material available on the market. They got in contact with Bioracer to be their aerodynamic partner for the record attempt.

We made it possible for all time trial specialists and fans to buy the exact kit Dion is using during his attempt. Some items are limited available or only in pre-order.  Dion his Aerodynamic kit gives him 1090 meter advantage. And training his perfect position with Bioracer Aero gave him 730 meter advantage.